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Where are you getting your nutrition advice?

"Help! I need a health coach!"  Nutrition trends are always changing.  There are a lot of fad diet programs out there offering conflicting nutrition advice, much of which is not backed up by science. Many are overly expensive, promise miracles, have short-term results (or no results at all), and most do not have your long-term well-being as their goal.  They can be hard to stick to, unnecessarily restrictive, and even dangerous.

Registered Dietitians

                 are Health and Nutrition Experts. 

Did you know that just about anyone can call themselves a "nutritionist"?  Registered Dietitians have extensive knowledge pertaining to the functioning of the human body, its chemical processes, development, and aging, both in health and under disease conditions.  They have a deep understanding about how our genes interact with our environment, stress, and the medications we take, and how all of this impacts our ability to take in, absorb, and utilize nutrients.

  • Advanced Education

  • Specialized Certification

  • Experienced Practitioner

  • Expert in a Spectrum of Sub-Specialties

  • Versed in Complementary & Alternative Therapies

  • Up to Date, Evidence-based Approach

Amy's Qualifications and Experience:

Pre-medical studies, Health Science Degree, Nutrition Concentration. Summa Cum Laude Honors

In-depth study of human biological processes, the science of food and nutrition, health promotion, and behavior change 

Competitive Dietetic Internship with graduate work in Public Health.

Advanced training through intensive clinical, community, culinary, and research rotations

Nationally Certified, licensed in multiple states, Advanced Certification 

Successful Independent Consulting Practice

Clinician at Large Teaching Hospitals, serving diverse clientele, med-surg, intensive care, pediatrics/children with special health needs, geriatrics, outpatient counseling, Lectured physicians and medical residents


Weight management and diabetes/pre-diabetes, motivational interviewing, oncology, neonatal, child and family, sports & fitness, food allergy and sensitivity, GI concerns, complex medical diagnoses, tube feeding

FORM 603 Personal Fitness & Cycling Studio Nutritionist

Certified Functional Medicine Health & Wellness Coach (FMCA), Focus on Whole Health, Intuitive Eating, Hormone Balance, and GI health

Long-time yoga enthusiast

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