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Q&A about the R.E.Boot Program:

Q: What is it? 

A: R.E. stands for "Real Energy." The R.E.Boot is a unique 6-week transformational Nutrition and Detox program, designed by a Registered Dietitian/Health & Wellness Coach to teach you how to optimally nourish yourself. My goal is to share with as many people as possible the surprisingly simple habits that have allowed me to remain the same size and to have more energy and vitality now at 40, and after 5 children, than I did in high school. 

Q: How is it different from other diets or meal plans?

A:  First of all, it's NOT a diet. It's about self-care. It's never about depriving yourself. In fact, the only unbreakable rule of the program is that you absolutely must be kind to yourself, though it's understood that this takes practice if you've been riding the emotionally toxic and physically abusive yo-yo diet roller-coaster. You are encouraged to seek satisfaction in your meals and in your life in general. Another major difference is that I customize your personal plan to your unique body, based on info you provide when you enroll.

Q: I really want to lose weight. How can I do that without dieting or restricting my intake?

A: The number on the scale is not as important as you think. You can be "skinny fat" and still quite unhealthy. You can also gain weight from muscle, which is extremely metabolically active tissue, but find you are happier with how you feel in your body and how you fit into your clothes. There are much better indicators of body fat and health risk, such as waist-to-hip ratio. That being said, R.E.Booters are able to more effectively burn unwanted body fat when they exercise. They also find that they no longer struggle with many of the cravings they used to. This has to do with both physiology and psychology:

Through the program you learn the right kinds of foods to include in your diet each day so that your cells get the precise balance of nutrients they need to perform all of their functions properly, including the functions of metabolism (turning calories from food into Real Energy you can use and feel instead of storing it as fat), as well as providing the building blocks for your body to produce the balance of hormones that support a healthy metabolism. Remarkably, when your body gets what it really needs, those "empty calorie" faux foods no longer seem that appealing. 


You also get the benefit of having a Registered Dietitian/Health & Wellness Coach trained in Functional Medicine and Positive Psychology providing you with support and encouragement through an easy-to-use App, where you can also share your experience with others. If you desire, you can receive face-to face coaching in addition. I will teach you how to begin to eat intuitively, and how to appreciate and care for your amazing body, instead of by measuring and counting everything you put into your mouth. It's incredibly liberating and empowering.

Q: I'm super busy. What's the time commitment?  

A: There is somewhat of an investment of time and focus to be able to get the optimal results you deserve. That's because it takes time and energy to really master new information and successfully incorporate it into your routine. But once you do, you will own these skills and knowledge for life. You will finally be in control. After a while, new habits become second nature, and you will find that food is no longer something to stress and worry about. It will become one of life's joys, something to be grateful for. Still, the program is designed with the busy adult in mind and has a lot of flexibility built into it. It is intended to be adapted to real life and sustainable when stress inevitably hits, which is when you need good nutrition more than ever. 

Q: How quickly will I notice results?

A: Quick weight loss is harmful, and typically ultimately results in loss of muscle and increase in body fat. When you start a R.E.Boot Program, you begin a lifelong journey to your ideal health. Especially if you take advantage of the Health Practitioner-grade multivitamin drink (it's not a pill!) I extend to my clients at a deep discount (I use it personally and want you to feel as amazing as I do!), you will start noticing benefits right away, such as improved energy and mood, greater mental focus, fewer gastro-intestinal symptoms, and a slimmer waistline. However, the longer you practice what you learn, the more pronounced your results. For the very best outcomes, I highly recommend enrolling in both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the R.E.Boot, so you can really cement the lifestyle changes. Over time, you may see better sleep, fewer aches and pains (due to decreased inflammation), and improvements in your lab numbers/ decreased reliance on prescription medications. You will absolutely decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. You may even start to feel like you are aging backwards!

Q: I've had good results with keto diets. Is the R.E.Boot keto-friendly?

A: The R.E.Boot incorporates some elements of keto and paleo-type diets, but with a greater emphasis on adequate nutritional balance and microbiome health, as well as taste, cost, and sustainability. For long-term health and maintenance of a healthy body weight/composition, it is essential to nourish the microbiome with a diversity of the right carbohydrate (resistant starch)-containing foods, which you will learn how to incorporate in ideal proportions.  I have carefully modified recipes from a variety of sources to ensure that you receive the optimal ratio of macronutrients, as well as a balance of micro and phytonutrients. All of the recipes are also gluten-free and can be modified if you have additional food sensitivities. Email me at if you have additional questions about this or about the R.E.Boot program in general.

Q: When does it start, how much does it cost, and how do I sign up?

A: Go to You need to sign-up by December 27th for the Phase 1 R.E.Boot, which starts January 3. The regular price is $350, but if you sign up by December 20, (use the coupon code TREATYOSELF), you get $100 off, so you pay only $250, a 29% savings! There is an additional built-in discount if you sign up for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 (Starts February 28) - just choose the “Total R.E.Boot”. If you want individual weekly Zoom or in-person coaching you can choose the Phase 1, Phase 2, or Total "R.E.Boot with Coaching".


See you in 2022!


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